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The Board is responsible for managing IHEU in accordance with the Bylaws, the Internal Rules and the policies and directives of the General Assembly. The Board members are elected by the General Assembly, and are Directors and Trustees of IHEU.

The Board has a directly-elected President, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer. The term of office of Board members is three years. All Member Organizations may nominate individuals to positions on the Board and each candidate must be a member of an IHEU Member Organization, or an Individual Supporter of IHEU.

The Board as of the General Assembly, 2016 is:

Andrew Copson (UK), President
Anne-France Ketelaer (Belgium), Vice-president
Roar Johnsen (Norway), Treasurer
Kato Mukasa (Uganda), Board Member
Uttam Niraula (Nepal), Board Member
David Pineda (Guatemala), Board member
Susan Sackett (USA), Board member
Ron Solomon (USA), Board member
Rein Zunderdorp (Netherlands), Board member


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