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A varying number of persons are working for IHEU in different capacities. This includes office staff, and our representatives at international bodies. Staff can be reached via our Contact page.


  • Carl Blackburn — Chief Executive
  • Bob Churchill — Director of Communications and Campaigns
  • Elizabeth O’Casey — Director of Advocacy
  • Giovanni Gaetani — Growth and Development Officer

United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva Delegation

  • Elizabeth O’Casey — Head of Delegation
  • Roy Brown
  • Kacem El Ghazzali

United Nations, New York Delegation

  • Margaretha Jones
  • Marjorie Dugan
  • Sylvain Ehrenfeld
  • John Wagner

Council of Europe

  • David Pollock — Head of Delegation
  • Renate Bauer
  • Michel Grosmann
  • Françoise Olivier-Utard
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