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We are sorry to have to announce that the World Humanist Congress scheduled to take place in São Paulo, Brazil in August has had to be cancelled.

Changes in the Brazilian economy have made it difficult to market the Congress and find sponsors. In addition, there is uncertainty over changing visa requirements (especially for those who would need to pass through the USA). These and other factors have made the Congress impractical and unviable.

We would like to thank our friends and colleagues from the Secular Humanist League of Brazil (LiHS) for their efforts in trying to organize the World Humanist Congress. LiHS is a small, under-resourced organization with no paid staff, and they have also gone through recent changes. IHEU will be supporting LiHS to host a regional conference in the near future.

What happens now?

In place of the World Humanist Congress, IHEU is working in partnership with the British Humanist Association to organise a one-day international conference on the global challenges of nationalism, populism, religious extremism and illiberalism and the need to defend and promote democracy and human rights in response. This conference will take place in central London on Saturday 5 August. The IHEYO General Assembly will be on Friday 4 August, and the IHEU General Assembly on Sunday 6 August.

We will release more details on this conference early next week, and bookings will be open soon. In the meantime, IHEU is asking members and supporters to please keep the dates free for what promises to be a fantastic event.

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