IHEYO Events

IHEYO, the International Humanist Ethical Youth Organization, is IHEU’s youth section, and a non-profit umbrella with dozens of member organizations and serves as the connecting link between Humanist organisations with young members around the world.

We help young humanists (age 18-35) become and stay connected through our programs and annual events.

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With regional presence in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, we currently have around 20 member organisations that in turn create local programs and important awareness of humanism.

IHEYO welcomes all humanist organizations that have young members to connect with us and become our members. We offer two sorts of membership, full membership and associate membership. Join us as a member organisation.

Our events and programs are made possible with help from our sponsors. Help sponsor IHEYO’s work.


The vision of IHEYO is to give a voice to young humanists within the mission of IHEU. The mission of IHEU is to build and represent the global humanist movement that defends human rights and promotes humanist values worldwide.


To bring into active association youth groups and young humanist individuals throughout the world interested in promoting humanism, as is described in the IHEU Amsterdam Declaration 2002.

Main aims of IHEYO

  • To strengthen humanist youth organisations and youth work.
  • To promote the development of cooperation among member organizations and humanist youth, especially on the international level.
  • To promote circulation of information and expertise among member organizations and humanist youth.
  • To carry out educational and cultural action in order to promote a Humanist vision of cultural, social and ethical values.
  • To represent its members to any and all international governing institutions on all questions related to the organizations purpose.
  • To contribute and give a voice to youth humanism on the international level.
  • To provide training and education.
  • To build organisational capacity.
  • To provide networking and information sharing.


You can find more details about the IHEYO structure by reading our bylaws here.