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Representing the humanist movement at the United Nations and other international bodies and promoting humanist values within the world community is a core role and function of IHEU.

IHEU is an international NGO with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in New York, Vienna and Geneva where we take part at the Human Rights Council and the Committee on the Rights of the Child. We have General Consultative Status at UNICEF (New York) and the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), and maintain operational relations with UNESCO (Paris). IHEU has observer status at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights.

At the UN in New York, the IHEU representation follows the work of the General Assembly and some of the committees, as well as taking active part in the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief.

At the UN in Geneva, the IHEU delegation is following closely the work of the UN Human Rights Council, and taking active part in the activities of the council and the other Non-Governmental Organizations there.

Much of the work of the international representatives is reported as news on the IHEU website. A summary of the activities for each year is included in the Annual Report presented by the Executive Committee to the General Assembly.

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