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The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is an organization of Member Organizations.

Our supreme governing body is the General Assembly (GA), which is convened once a year. The GA is usually held in summer (June – August), and moves between countries each year. The GA is usually organized in coordination with a national IHEU Member Organization in that country, alongside a conference which is hosted by that Member Organization.

IHEU has a Board of up to nine elected members, volunteers nominated by IHEU Member Organizations who are elected by the GA in accordance with our Bylaws including supplementary regulations and Internal Rules. The Board usually convenes six times a year, but may do business by email or telephone or video conferencing.

A number of persons are working for IHEU in various capacities. This includes office staff, international representatives and the representatives at international bodies.

IHEU also has a network of contact persons in countries where there is no Humanist organization yet, or where the local organization is newly formed or very small. The Growth and Development network is supporting organizations that want to strengthen their Humanist identity and individuals who want to establish such an organization. Read more about Growth and Development.

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