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What is Humanism?
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We want everyone to live a life of dignity in a world where universal human rights are respected and protected, and where states uphold secularism.

We work to build, support and represent the global humanist movement, defending human rights, particularly those of non-religious people, and promoting humanist values world-wide.

Policy Agenda

Promoting the human right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief:

  • opposing apostasy laws and state-endorsed doctrine;

Promoting the human right to freedom of expression:

  • protecting the social conditions for critical open debate and opposing blasphemy and ‘defamation of religion’ laws.

Promoting the humanist worldview and humanist values:

  • promoting the scientific approach and opposing the harm done by beliefs superstition, witchcraft, and magic;
  • promoting freedom for all and the elimination of discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, caste and all other irrelevant grounds.

Promoting democracy, secularism, and peace:

  • promoting separation of state and religion;
  • promoting equality before the law for those of all religions and beliefs.

Our Aims

1. Successful and sustainable member organisations in every part of the world

We provide funding, training, intellectual resources and other support to stimulate, encourage and foster new and emerging humanist and other relevant organisations. We concentrate our efforts in priority regions, but also operate opportunistically to support organisations as and where they arise.

 2. Member organisations which are networked together as a co-ordinated global movement

We bring together organisations of all non-theistic traditions, and the individuals engaged in the work of those organisations both in person and in online networks. We support organisations to learn from each other, take joint action and become involved in our work.

3. International and regional government policies shaped by our policy agenda

We maintain delegations at priority international institutions to represent the global movement and advance our policies. We work in co-operation wherever possible with other NGOs and mobilise our member organisations to lobby their governments in support of initiatives that advance our policies.

4. Sufficient reputation, financial and human resources, and administrative effectiveness to achieve our goals

We work to achieve appropriate staffing levels, supported by committed volunteers and governed by an effective Board. We work to secure funding from multiple sources including individual donors, member organisations and grant-making bodies, and to enhance our reputation through targeted communications to selected audiences.

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