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The latest version of the IHEYO bylaws are defined in the IHEU’s Internal Rules document published in May 2016, section 6.2, and can also be viewed below.

6.2. International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization (IHEYO)

6.2.1. IHEYO is IHEU’s youth wing and a Section within IHEU.

6.2.2. The main purpose of IHEYO is to bring into active association youth groups and young Humanist individuals throughout the world interested in promoting Humanism.

6.2.3. IHEYO shall work within IHEU’s policy and strategy.

6.2.4. The IHEYO Committee may nominate a voting representative to IHEU’s General Assembly, and have the right to propose items and resolutions to IHEU’s General Assembly and Congress.

6.2.5. IHEYO member organizations may send one non-voting representative to IHEU’s GA as an Observer.

6.2.6. The IHEYO Committee may nominate a permanent observer to attend the IHEU EC with no vote.

6.2.7. Full membership of IHEYO is open to youth branches of Humanist membership organizations, and formally constituted Humanist membership organizations dedicated to the activities of youth under the age of 35. These Humanist organizations must be democratically governed.

6.2.8. Associate membership is open to all Humanist associations. Associate members do not have a vote at the General Assembly, but they do have speaking rights.

6.2.9. The membership criteria shall be the same as that of IHEU.

6.2.10 Individuals may participate in IHEYO as Individual IHEYO Supporters on payment of the relevant fee.

6.2.11 IHEYO shall be managed by an elected Committee. IHEYO Committee shall be comprised of at least four (4) and not more than twelve (12) persons between the ages of 18 and 35 who are members of an IHEYO organization. Effort shall be made to have as much diversity in the IHEYO Committee as possible. IHEYO Officers are the following: President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and regular members. Other posts may be created by the IHEYO Committee. Officers shall be elected annually by the Committee. The members of the IHEYO Committee shall be elected by the IHEYO General Assembly for a term of two years. Their term ends at the General Assembly held in the second year after their election. A vote of simple majority shall be sufficient to elect a Committee member. The term of office of a Committee member may be ended by resignation in writing, death or dismissal by the General Assembly. The process for dismissal of an IHEYO Committee member by the IHEYO General Assembly shall be: the proposal for dismissal shall be agreed by at least one-half the members of the Committee, and at least one-half of the votes at the General Assembly. An individual shall be limited to three consecutive terms in office, but may run again at a later time for non-consecutive office. The IHEYO Committee may maintain collaborative partnerships with other organizations to further its aims. These organizations are called IHEYO Partners. The IHEYO Committee shall decide on IHEYO’s strategy and work plan, based on the recommendations by the IHEYO General Assembly, and within the IHEU strategic plan. The IHEYO Committee shall adopt regulations for the General Assembly, elected Committee, volunteers etc as needed (IHEYO Standing Orders). Decisions of the IHEYO Committee may be made by email.

6.2.12. IHEYO shall hold an Annual General Assembly of its Members. The date of the IHEYO General Assembly shall be communicated by the IHEYO Committee to all members ninety (90) days prior to its occurrence. The agenda of the General Assembly shall be arranged by the Committee. The agenda of the IHEYO General Assembly shall be sent to member organisations at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting with the documents of the meeting. Each IHEYO Full Member, that has paid its membership fee, shall have one vote at the IHEYO General Assembly, except organizations with over 1000 members who shall have two votes and organizations with over 3000 members shall have three votes. Only representatives under 35 years of age may carry votes and only three votes as maximum per delegate. In the case of umbrella organizations, the individual members of all their member organizations are counted. Decisions are made by simple majority of voting members, except when stated otherwise. The quorum for IHEYO General Assembly is one quarter of the Full Members that have paid the membership fee, present or represented by proxy vote. Representatives of collaborative partners and Individual Supporters may attend as observers with no vote. The IHEYO General Assembly decides on the following issues:

  1. To propose changes to the IHEYO clauses in IHEU’s Internal Rules for adoption by the IHEU General Assembly;
  2. To elect and dismiss members of the IHEYO Committee;
  3. To approve membership or consultative partnership of IHEYO, on recommendation by the IHEYO Committee;
  4. To recommend on the strategy and work plan to the IHEYO Committee, within the IHEU strategic plan;
  5. To decide about IHEYO membership dues.


6.2.13. Full IHEYO Members shall pay a membership fee, decided upon by the IHEYO General Assembly through a proposal of the IHEYO Committee. The membership fee shall be paid in full by January 31 of each year. The membership fee depends on the number of members in the member organization; large member organizations pay more than the small organizations. The minimum fee is 1 Euro per year. If any member cannot pay the stipulated fees, then the member concerned has to formally state why they cannot to the IHEYO Committee. The IHEYO Committee will then decide if they (the affected organization) can remain a full member with voting rights or an associate member.”

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