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Membership Guides

The IHEU is working on the creation a 4-part guide to help Humanist organizations at various levels, providing them advice, tips, and practical examples coming from our Member Organizations.

The first section of the guide is “How to start a Humanist organization”. The aim is to support groups that are new and upcoming, which may include be unconstituted or informal groups, to take the first steps necessary to get organized, know what they’re doing, and know where they want to go!

You can download the first guide as a PDF.

UPR Briefing

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a United Nations process that allows organisations such as yours to help hold your Government to account on their human rights obligations. As the only international mechanism to address all countries and all human rights, the UPR encourages engagement from civil society to help examine the situation for human rights in each country every four years.

Using our briefing, IHEU Member Organizations can make submissions on their own country into this process and make sure the concerns of humanists are on the international human rights agenda.

You can download the UPR briefing as a PDF.


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