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As part of our advocacy, the IHEU engages with the UN’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and encourages its Member Organizations to do so too. The UPR is a great way for IHEU members, and civil society more broadly, to highlight human rights issues in their home countries and to bring a sharper focus on the plight of so many free thinkers globally.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is an opportunity for every state to be examined on their human rights record, with both other states and civil society feeding in.

This is a democratic and truly multilateral approach, and with all States and more than 800 non-state actors are involved, a lot of pressure can be exerted.

How can IHEU members get involved?

Most important: Download our full briefing on the process (PDF)

In addition, organizations can:

  • Encourage your own state, before its review, to organise national conferences so that you and other NGOs and Human rights defenders have the opportunity to bring flaws to its attention.
  • Submit a report to the UN on human rights situations of concerning in your country. This information will be processed and included the review.
  • Lobby reviewing States to ask specific questions and specific recommendations.
  • Take action to ensure governments live-up to their commitments in between reviews.
  • Other possible actions: organising side events, spreading information, publicising, encouraging wider involvement in the process.
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