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In recent years, our organisation has changed from volunteer-based organisation with some consultancy support, to a more robust organisation run by professional staff.

An example of our recent work and current branding

As you may have noticed, “International Humanist and Ethical Union” is a bit of a mouthful! In 2017, our General Assembly approved plans to adopt a new trading name. This new name, and the development of a new brand positioning statement, were the result of over one year of consultation with our members. The new positioning statement will now from the basis of a complete review and refresh of our visual identity and communications.

Professional designers and agencies may request a copy of the invitation to tender by emailing with the subject “Requesting tender document”. Please include your name and company information.

We’d be pleased to receive any responses to the tender document by close of business Friday 23 February, and we are hoping to interview candidates on Tuesday 6 March.

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