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IHEU campaigns are different in content and organization. Oftne they are executed alongside our Member Organizations. Here in an overview of the campaigns that IHEU has supported or coordinated over the last few years.

Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion or Belief

This is an ongoing area of focus for our policy work, including many of our activities at UN in New York and Geneva, where for example we speak against attempts to establish prohibition of “defamation of religion” into the international framework.

Abolition of blasphemy and apostasy laws

We have spoken out against blasphemy laws in the UK (now abolished), the Republic of Ireland, Lithuania, Pakistan, Indonesia, and many other places. This is an ongoing focus of our policy work.

Against persecution based on religion or belief

From time to time we campaign on behalf of individuals who are victims of religious persecution. These include Taslima Nasrin (writer and activist hounded into exile); Dr. Younus Shaik (sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan – since freed); Asif Mohiuddin (persecuted as an atheist in Bangladesh in 2013).

Recognition and respect for human rights

The international Humanist community has always been well ahead of the moral zeitgeist on issues from albinism and violence linked to witchcraft accusations, LGBTI rights, sexual equality, and the rights of the child. These remain special areas of interest for IHEU.

For a humanist approach to social issues

As well as bioethical issues like the right to access abortion, IHEU has maintained a special interest in the area of caste discrimination, holding dedicated conferences in various parts of the world and campaigning for legislation to outlaw discrimination based on “caste”. We work for the recognition of the human rights of “Untouchables” and against the concept of “Untouchability”.

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