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The IHEU works to grow the worldwide humanist movement, fostering new humanist organizations and helping them to develop.  Discover your nearest IHEU Member Organization.

In February 2018 the number of Member Organisations of the IHEU exceeded 150 for the first time

A new Growth and Development Plan (G&D Plan) was approved by the Board of the IHEU in October 2016.
It aims to:

  • help the growth of the global Humanist movement;
  • provide tools, resources, and funding for the development of new and emerging organisations worldwide;
  • strengthen the relationships between organisations, in a spirit of solidarity and international cooperation.

The G&D Plan prioritizes Latin America in 2017, Africa in 2018, and Asia in 2019.

The main activities of the G&D Plan are:

IHEU also has a network of contacts in countries where there is no Humanist organization yet, or where the local organization is newly formed or very small. The Growth and Development network is supporting organizations that want to strengthen their humanist identity and individuals who want to establish such an organization. If you are part of any humanist organisation or if you want to establish a new one, please get in touch with us by sending an email to

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