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Café Humaniste is an event series by the IHEU, bringing people together to discuss questions of interest and concern to humanists, wherever they are from.

The events are organized by the IHEU in collaboration with local Member Organizations in countries all over the world. IHEU provides financial and media support while the local organization manages the logistics for the event itself.

IHEU’s purpose with Café Humaniste is to enable humanists globally to promote humanist values and rational thinking, in a friendly and informal way. It can all be done in 6 simple steps. How? Download the guide below – available also in Spanish!

List of articles published on the Café Humaniste series

May 2017: IHEU announces first in new series of events: Café Humaniste

Jun 2017: From Italy to Guatemala: IHEU announces its second Café Humaniste

Dec 2017: Three more Café Humaniste held in Latin America

Feb 2018: Café Humaniste goes viral: from Suriname to Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines

Pics from the Café Humaniste series


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